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Request for Funding Support

Southern Ontario At Risk Reptiles (SOARR) is a grassroots program that has grown to international importance, setting the bar for research and recovery of reptiles in Canada.
We have developed a program that, for almost 30 years, has been a safeguard in preventing local extinctions of at-risk wildlife and helped species at risk across their ranges.

Funding needs be secured to carry out this important work. We are asking for your help in partnering with us to save our local Ontario species at risk, allowing us to take important steps toward the long-term survival of populations provincially,
nationally, and internationally.

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Become a Reptile

eggs and hatching (3).JPG

Adopt a turtle hatchling $100

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Purchase research equipment $250

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Adopt a clutch of turtle eggs $500

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Sponsor an entire nesting site $1,000

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Hire a biologist $7,500

Donate an amount of your choice:

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All donations will:

  • receive a tax receipt

  • ensure Species At Risk and their habitats receive direct protection

  • contribute to long term research of wildlife in this region

  • assist in community education

  • allow for new discoveries and opportunities for conserving Ontario's reptiles


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Scott Gillingwater

Species at Risk Biologist

Scott has been with the SOARR program since its inception in 1994. He has built this program into what it is today, and is known Canada-wide for his innovative approaches to wildlife research and recovery. 

Scott is, or has been, a member of multiple reptile and ecosystem-based recovery teams, the Committee On the Status of Endangered Wildlife In Canada (COSEWIC) Amphibians and Reptiles Specialist Subcommittee, the Committee On the Status of Species At Risk in Ontario (COSSARO), and the IUCN Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group. 


How you have already helped!