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Plant Trees, Shrubs, Wildflowers, and Grasses

Green your community today!

Your generous donation will provide native plants and seeds to:
  • improve air and water quality,

  • provide wildlife habitat,

  • protect endangered species,

  • increase biodiversity, and

  • make your community a better place to live!

Your gifts support the Communities for Nature program which facilitates partnerships between the UTRCA and organizations interested in supporting local environmental initiatives. These partners may include schools, businesses, community groups, and others.


UTRCA staff meet with local partners to identify sites that can be restored, then coordinate community involvement in planting trees, shrubs, aquatic plants, wildflower meadows, and prairies.


Projects range from small neighbourhood sites to large multi-year corporate and municipal initiatives.

Your Gifts at Work:

Planting for Butterflies, Bees, and Birds
Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund
GM Green Project
Bioengineering along Medway Creek
TD Tree Days London
Tree Bee
Beachville Restoration Project
Watershed Friends
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