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Our Mission

The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) is one of 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario. Our area of jurisdiction - the upper watershed of the Thames River - covers 3,432 square kilometres and is home to over 422,000 people.

A watershed is an area of land that drains into a common water body, such as a lake or river. Watersheds are made up of different ecosystems that are interconnected and affect water quality and quantity. This affects our drinking water sources and all aspects of our lives. The 17 municipalities within our watershed appoint representatives to the UTRCA’s Board of Directors. The directors represent the local urban and rural communities, deciding policies and programs that will lead to a healthy watershed.


The UTRCA is funded primarily by self-generated revenues and municipal levies, with additional funding from provincial and federal governments.

The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority is a registered Canadian charity committed to inspiring and improving the health of the Thames River watershed.  Please consider sponsoring a local environmental initiative. 

Our Mission

Safeguarding rivers, lakes and streams


Protecting, managing and restoring woodlands, wetlands and natural habitats


Developing and maintaining programs to protect life and property from natural hazards such as flooding and erosion


Providing opportunities for everyone to enjoy, learn from and respect our natural environment

Our Vision

Inspiring A Health Environment

We Need Your Support Today!

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