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Help plant native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses throughout the watershed

We Need Your Support Today!

Paypal Tax receipts will be issued for all donations of $20.00 or more.  Paypal administration fee is only 1.9% per donation.

Your donation will help:

  • Purchase trees for planting

  • Purchase native wildflower plugs and seed

  • Purchase native prairie grass plugs and seed

  • Prepare sites for planting

  • Involve students and community members with the planting projects

    Learn more about the Communities for Nature program.

Karen Pugh

Resource Specialist

Karen inspires thousands of people to plant native wildflower meadows throughout the upper Thames watershed - her enthusiasm for restoring nature is contagious!  Karen manages the Communities for Nature Program, working with communities to create naturalized areas with native wildflowers and grasses, trees, wildlife shrubs and aquatic plants. She has managed more than 500 projects over the past 25 years.

How you have already helped!

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